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What if people don't believe me or understand?

This may happen depending on who you are talking to and how much knowledge they have around mental health.

Them not understanding doesn't mean the problem isn't there, it just means they need to be educated as to what the problem is and what it means.

To do this, you have to educate yourself first. There are many online resources out there to help you with this. I have included some websites below which may help.

Click on the websites below websites for information about common mental health issues and mental health education.

Very well family.

The doctor weighs in.

Personally, people I have confided in may not have fully understood my illness at first but they were very willing to educate themselves on those topics to try and help me as much as possible.

You know what is going on in your mind more than anyone else and if you tell someone you trust about what is going on then they will try to understand and help to support you with whatever you're going through. This may be anyone from a teacher at school to a close family member.