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I don't want to create a problem and worry people.

People worry about you if they care about you, they only want what's best for you.

The problem is unlikely to go away on it's own and the longer you keep the problem to yourself, the worse it will get.

Eventually when the problem gets so big it cannot be hidden anymore, your friends and family are likely to worry about you even more than if you had opened up when the problem's first started.

I wish that I had been more honest about what was going on because some problems that I had, probably wouldn't have gotten as bad as they did.

You are not creating a problem by talking about your feelings, you are important and worthy of help and support.

If you aren't confident in reaching out then you may need to work on your self esteem. I have included links to activities you can do to work on this.

Positive psychology self-esteem worksheets

Wikihow Build Confidence

If you find talking face to face too hard, then you can always write everything down that you want to say and share it with who you choose or even send them a text or email. It doesn't matter how you communicate with them but it is important that you do reach out.