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Parents/Carers -Involving You

We think it is really important to involve children, young people and their parents and carers in developing our services. Your involvement makes sure that we are constantly improving to meet the needs of those who are using our services.

Friends and Family Test and Service Experience

There are various ways that you can contribute to improving our services, the first is to give us feedback via our having your say surveys. An example of these are our Friends and Family Test (FFT) cards. These can be found in reception areas at our clinics and may also be given out by professionals that you see during your child's care. You can also fill out our having your say survey's online here.

Your feedback comes to our service experience team and is used to celebrate things we are doing right and make changes where we need to improve. Each team will share the feedback in team meetings and produce a poster to display in the clinic. The poster will show the FFT score, response numbers and some comments from our young people and their parent and carers. The team will use this feedback to decide on some actions to improve, which will also be displayed on the poster.

CAMHS Parent and Carer Council and Involvement

We have recently developed a parent and carer CAMHS council, this is a group that meets to give feedback and discuss the service experience and how we can continue to develop services through project work and other things. If you are the parent or carer of a child or young person who is using our HPFT CAMHS services and you would like to be involved in developing these services, you can call our Young People’s Involvement Lead Steve Morris on 07766 608580 or email Steve.Morris4@nhs.net for more information.