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Children's questions

We know you may have a lot of questions and we hope that we can answer some of them for you here.

Who am I going to see?

During your time using CAMHS services you may come into contact/ be seen by a variety of different professionals, each will be involved in a different area of your care. To find out more please visit our Who's Who page.

What should I do if I find talking about my problems difficult?

Be honest with the professional you are seeing and explain this to them. Some young people find it helpful to bring a written copy of their problems for the professional to read through, either in a notebook or diary, in order to start conversation. Additionally you may find it helpful to bring something to doodle on as it often helps to distract from the environment and reduce the need for eye contact, this can make talking about your problems easier or more comfortable.

Who will attend the appointments with me?

Your family are invited to attend with you because it can be helpful to hear from people who live with you or are close to you, about what has brought you to CAMHS.

Some people will bring one or both of their parents or carers. We also sometimes have siblings attend to, and grandparents. It is up to you who you want with you and you will have the opportunity to be on your own if you feel more comfortable without family in the room. Your family will also be given the opportunity to speak privately without you present if they want to.

Sometimes it might be a professional that will bring you along to your appointment.


I am having a hard time and need help, who can I contact whilst I am waiting for my appointment?

You could try talking to a family member, friend or teacher you trust about the things you are experiencing. Alternatively if you find it easier to talk to a stranger you could contact the Samaritans or visit the free online support service Kooth.

If it is an emergency call 999 or visit your local Accident & Emergency department at hospital.

If you are already using HPFT CAMHS services you can contact your care co-ordinator if it is during office hours Mon-Fri 9-5 or call our out of hours helpline on 01438 843322. This service is available to our service users and carers for advice and support through the night from 5pm-9am on weekdays and around the clock at weekends and on bank holidays.

To find support, local to you, try visiting the Hub of Hope.


What does CAMHS stand for?

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. We offer support to children and young people who have difficulties with their emotions, behaviour or mental health. We can also provide support to families too. We are made up of a variety of different teams including specialised services such as our Targeted team, Eating disorder team, Crisis assessment and treatment team (CCATT), Adolescent and families drug and alcohol service (AFDASH) and Inpatient services offered at Forest House. For more information on our different teams please visit our 'Clinics and Teams' section.