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Reviews of our Targeted Team

We appreciate hearing comments on our services and we wanted to share some with you.

Young people tell us:

'Good services and listens to you.'

'Open, honest communication. Good outcome, thanks.'

'It really helped just to talk and Anne was really nice and listened.'

'Discussion was useful but am frustrated with limited external services who can help.'

'Steve and Lesley are awesome.'

'Very helpful to have the space to talk concerns through and receive feedback/advice.'

'Helps you.'

'When I arrived here I felt really weak but when I left here I felt a lot better about myself.'

'I feel safe when I'm here and it gives me the time to let everything out and tell someone about problems.'

Their parents and carers tell us:

'V.supportive and insightful. A life saver and relationship preserver.'

'Discussions were relevant to the concerns in referral.'

'Hopeful that the team will help support our YP.'

'Nothing seemed to be a force to share the young person's life and experience.'

' Great support.'

'Good listener.'