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The Marlowes Health and Wellbeing Centre - Hemel Hempstead

The clinic at The Marlowes Health and Wellbeing Centre is one of our community CAMHS specialist clinics.


Contact Information:

The Marlowes Health and Wellbeing Centre

West Hertfordshire CAMHS (Hemel Hempstead clinic):

West Hertfordshire CAMHS

39-41 Marlowes

Hemel Hempstead

Herts HP11LD

Tel: 01442 913569


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Who works at specialist child and family clinics?

We are a multi-disciplinary team, which means we have professionals working here from a range of professional backgrounds. These can include; psychiatry, social work, specialist nursing, psychology, child and adolescent psychotherapy and systemic family psychotherapy. For more information please see our Who's Who page.

Who comes to specialist child and family clinics?

Young people, between the ages of 0-18 years old, sometimes with their families or carers. Referrals are accepted when help from home, school or other community services has been tried, but things have not got better.

What can I expect when coming to a specialist child and family clinic?

The first appointment you will have is a one off appointment and this is called a 'choice' appointment. You will meet with a professional and discuss how things have been in the past, what hopes you have for the future and some of the areas that may be troubling you such as home, school and social life. There will be the option to talk with the professional alone for part of this meeting and then the professional will talk with your family or carers to make sure they understand things as well as possible. You will then decide together what would be most helpful going forward.

It may be that the one session is enough, however if further sessions are needed then 'partnership' will be offered. This is when you will be partnered to one of our specialist professionals (who may be different to the professional at your choice meeting) and work will begin. The type of therapy offered will be based on your individual needs and we work with you as an individual, and sometimes with your family or carers, to achieve your goals. Sometimes we may prescribe medicines or work with other agencies to make sure all services work together. 

What do specialist child and family clinics offer?

They offer specialist help for children, young people and their families who are seeking to deal with feelings, thoughts or behaviour problems that are complex or long term.


Our Podwalk video will take you on a walk round our Marlowe's Health and Wellbeing Centre and show you how to access our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and what the environment looks like there.